Monday, May 4, 2009

More on the real estate saga

Let me tell you - this past few days has been a frenzy of looking for, and finding, waterfront property with no fixed bridges and ocean access under $400,000.00 - WOW, they are out there. I did not find a ton but there were at least 20 or so that I previewed and about 7 that I have actually seen that fit that description. Some with tiny docks (10'), others with 85' of waterfront.

Some need quite a bit of work (one was an estate sale and the original owner did not have central air, still using window units), but had large waterfront - about 60'. One house, the owner paid in excess of $700K and it is now a short sale listed at $399K

Some of these are short sales and some are just folk ready to sell. I am loving this real estate thing - we all know things will turn around and these properties will go up again. Maybe not to the point they were just a little over a year ago, but they will go up.

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