Friday, February 20, 2009

Nancy's hubby, George, Nancy, Chadwic
k Boyd & Me

Last night Nancy, her husband George Fishman and I went to dinner with a visiting dignitary, Chadwick Boyd. Chadwick is the brains behind Atlanta based Lovely & Delicious Enterprises, Inc., a food and lifestyle branding consulting firm. Chadwick, for the past 9-months or so, has been Join Us at the Table's "roving correspondent"; we have never physically met face-to-face, but when food lovers get together, it is truly just like "old home week", we all fit like old shoes. There is no better place to break bread together than Miami Design District's hottest restaurant, Michael's Genuine, home of Chef Michael Schwartz.

We have mentioned in the past our fondness for Michael's and it seems that whenever someone comes to town, we wind up at our favorite spot. Our last visitor, Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of NPR's top food show, Splendid Table, had to have a Michael's experience.

This time we noshed on, what else? Crispy, spicy pork belly (right), of course - on a bed of kimchi - simply yummy; rabbit pate, Berkshire pork shoulder served with those delicious Anson Mills grits, wood roasted Vidalia onion stuffed with ground lamb and apricots and sauteed sweet breads. Oh yes, I cannot leave out one of my absolute favorite dishes, aside from their pork belly, the wood roasted cauliflower with parsley sauce - I could just go and have a bowl of whatever soup they have for the day, a plate of cauliflower and feel like I have dined and gone to Heaven!

We had a wonderful evening chatting the night away and will see Chadwick tonight as Nancy and I head to South Beach for Paula Deen's Poker Party.

Don't forget to tune in to Join Us at the Table tomorrow morning to hear your culinary lifestylist chat with the only female Iron Chef, Cat Cora. If you miss us, just go to the archives and pull up the show. Remember, we are live every Saturday from 9:30 - 10:30 am at Join Us at the Table.

Chat with you soon.
One of the Two Saucy Chicks


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